Joria: War of the Gods

“When the Gods created us, we worshiped them as such. When they warred and forsook us, it was our blood and tears that allowed us to survive. When they returned and demanded tribute, we questioned everything. Now, we march under a new banner. One free of tyranny and injustice. A symbol of hope in times when the land is ravaged by war and famine. We are the Wartrotters, and the Gods will tremble when our chains are broken.”

Sevellian Amberhaven – Wartrotter Troubadour

Greetings, my name is Jalathan. Created on June 27th, 2011, Joria is a D&D 4th ed. game based in my own unique world with help from the players who have created their own background and further added to the lore of the world in the process. We started at level 2 by incorporating our first adventure from the D&D Essentials DM box and finished the final few encounters to save the Harkenwold from the Iron Circle. We now move on to new and custom adventures I have created that will be chronicled in the Adventure Log section!

Based out of Richmond, B.C., Canada, our gaming group has been congregating to roleplay in all kinds worlds for many years now, and Monday nights is when it all happens. We have finished Heroic Tier with the untimely demise of the majority of the party at the hands of Nevlim’s minions. We begin Paragon tier soon where Duokaiser picks up the reins and I become the party’s newest leader: Ilfarren Steelwind.


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