An Uneasy Truce

Jarvan Lightshield invited the heroes to Nileer to meet with the Triumvirate and discuss Oria’s next move. The Grand Duchy of Entreria have requested an audience with the Orian Triumvirate to discuss a cease-fire and draw up a treaty in the interest of both nations working towards peace. With the Heroes’ council, Jarvan’s suspicions have been ratififed. Jarvan suspects that that the Dukes are merely biding their time to recoup their forces for a final assault into Orian lands.

Rurik fears that the deception delves deeper. During the battle for Direm, he witnessed Evard and Nezlim’s final confrontation. Rurik states that the lich has been gravely injured during the duel and is most likely using this time to gather his strength. The council meeting was then interrupted by a curious elf wielding an unusual sword. He called himself Aldo, a wartrotter troubadour. The council decided to entertain the bard’s intrusion, however the heroes were not impressed. He offered to do a reading of the future for one of the heroes as a sign of good faith. Ilfaren, skeptical of this elf’s power, volunteered to bear witness of the bard’s power. The bard began to sing a ballad, and Ilfaren was filled with visions of his homeland.

Your return to the isles and your people will perish
War and Death, the dark one will Relish
To save them, and flourish you remain in Joria
For if you return, we sing, the eladrin’s last Aria

Ilfaren was content with the bard’s show of power and gave him permission to speak. Aldo warned the council that the treaty must be signed or Oria will be destroyed, they have foreseen it. The bard advised the council to gather their strength for there is something dark that looms on the horizon. With this knowledge, the council has decided that they will sign the treaty to assess the Dukes’ true intentions.


Ashlynn Vi Macht was elated to know that her friend Krul’bei had returned to the capital for she longed to see him and had a gift for him. Ashlynn, unbeknownst to her, had ensnared a powerful air elemental in the locket that used to contain her primordial stone. She had learned its true name, Thrae. Thrae took the form of a steed when he is summoned by his master. Ashlynn had given Krul’bei this wonderful gift. He was grateful, yet surprised that an apprentice mage is able to bind a powerful elemental into an item. Thrae was not pleased by his new master.

The bard’s prophecy disturbed the eladrin and needed respite. Iltharen longed for his home in the distant isles and desired to find any semblance of the feywild within the city. He stumbled upon the city’s grove, where wild herbs grow and druids tended to the land. Just as he started his trance, he noticed a peculiar old lady gathering some unusual herbs. He decided to entertain his curiousity and requested for Kilanthras, his animal companion to follow the old lady. Something was not right with her, and Iltharen wanted to know why. After days of investigating, the old lady had nearly worn out Iltharen’s curiosity. Until one faithful night, the haggard woman had brought home a large sack. This bothered the eladrin. Iltharen waited for her to leave her home so he may investigate further. Iltharen was surprised to find that the old woman had been kidnapping children and using herbs from the sacred grove to drug them into a comatose state. Even more disturbing was the discovery of an altar to Lolth, the spider queen. Iltharen quickly called for the town guards and the old lady was arrested and sentenced to death.

Baalnir was bored. He longed to be unleashed back into the world and take skulls for his great god. He decided to wander in the low market looking to sate his boredom.

The gnome Baskel Swifthook was the best thief in town and he was bored. He was known to be the best cutpurse among the thieves of lowtown, there was no-one he couldn’t steal from. He prayed to the pillars for someone new to swindle, a new source of coin. Everything was too easy. He noticed a hulk of a figure clad in ebon armor trailed by two clerics of the sun. “Dignitary, or possibly a savage noble from across the sea! Thank the pillars, this will be fun” he thought.

Baalnir was disappointed to find that lowtown held up to its name, no one in this place is worthy enough to whet his axe. Lost in his thoughts he suddenly heard a clink followed by the sound of someone squirming. A halfling somehow had its finger lodged itself into one of his leg plates. Baalnir roared at the as it pried itself free from the Slayer. Baskel ran as fast as he could but he was not fast enough for the Slayer’s keen axe. The gnome’s innards spilled into the city streets, onlookers looking in horror at Baalnir. The slayer walked on, lost in his own thoughts.

Interlude End

The Heroes, along with Jarvan’s squire, had agreed to escort the Triumvirate on their way to the Entrerian borders and act as witnesses during the signing of the treaty. While the cort├Ęge took respite, they were ambushed by massive Serpentine creatures speaking an unknown language. The band were able to dispatch of the menacing snake beasts but not without casualty. Jarvan’s squire had perished in the battle.

Upon further investigation, the Heroes found an odd insignia on one of the serpent men’s helms. They have determined that this was the insignia of the Sethrian Empire on the east.
The Triumvirate and the Dukes finally met and signed the treaty. Taking their first steps to peace.

The Arcane Council has discovered that the comet has started to move and is headed towards the Ashlands. The mages theorize that the impact alone would be strong enough to devastate the nation of Oria. The mages suggest that they visit the ashlands and investigate as to why the comet is drawn to that place. Aldo has also provided knowledge of a long lost dragonborn civilization that could possibly aid Oria strengthen their forces. The heroes have decided that they will travel to the ashlands and find a way to stop the comet from arriving.



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