Bathed in Woodsin

The heroes prepare to depart for the Ashlands to investigate a lead, to find out a way to stop the comet from arriving. The Arcane Council has suggested that they find out why Nevlim visited the Ashlands years ago. Just as the heroes set out on their journey, a familiar face thought to be lost appears. Sareth Fireblood, renowned mage, arrives in Nileer to answer the summons of the Arcane council. Krul’bei, overjoyed to see his old friend, was filled with renewed vigour.

Jarvan was disturbed that his wife Cornelia was overdue from her monthly tour of Gavin’s post. Jarvan requested the heroes to keep an open eye for the lost princess as it was not like her to tarry. The heroes set out on their journey and at Jarvan’s behest, decided to take the most direct route to Gavin’s post.

Half a day into their travels, Iltharen’s keen elf eyes spots a most unusual thing just off the trail. Pieces of broken painted wood littered the ground. Bori, the proud craftsman that he is, was able to identify the pieces were of Orian design that broke apart from a carriage. The heroes followed the trail and it led them to Orcs accompanied by Yuan-ti with Lady Cornelia and her court wizard in tow. The heroes quickly dispatched of the kidnappers and escorted the princess back to Nileer.

Jarvan was glad to be once again united with his beloved and rewarded the heroes with access to his grand Armory. Cornelia also warned the heroes to stay clear of Gavin’s Post for it is wrought with a magical miasma that she has never seen before. The heroes heeded her warning and made haste for the small town of selbina in the Ashlands.

The heroes arrived at the small town and were greeted with hospitality by the villagers. Logan and Bori decided to socialize with the locals whereas Krul’bei and Iltharen immediately began work on finding out more about Nevlim’s visit. The genasi and the eladrin have found out from Pogar, patron of The Carline Canopy, that someone of Nevlim’s description indeed visit Selbina years ago when his grandfather was still patron. Though he could not tell them more as to why Nevlim ventured into Ashlands, he did warn the heroes to abandon this quarry for the Ashlands is now wrought with woodsin.

Much to Pogar’s dismay, the heroes are adamant in journeying to the ashlands for they must not fail in their quest. Pogar, sympathetic to the heroes’ goal, told them of a way to protect themselves from the woodsin. A mask can be forged out of a treant’s heart bark that will repel the magical malady. However there has not been Treants in the ashlands since the curse began. The heroes have found out that Pogar’s daughter crystal is immune to woodsin and ventured often to the Ashlands without a need of a mask. Crystal mistakenly informed the heroes that she has knowledge of the last Treant survivor in the ashlands. Learning of the heroes’ purpose in seeking the Treant, Crystal refused to divulge more information in order to protect her friend. Bori was able to sympathize with the young lady and found out a possible source of the woodsin.

The heroes decided to seek out the source of the curse. Thanks to Krul’bei’s keen sense of direction, the heroes were able to find the source of the dark malady. A dark primordial stone was lodged into the earth, opening the leylines between the shadowfell and the material plane. Obscuring the area with dark mist; Shadowfell energies continuously seeped into the Ashlands, bathing it with dark energies. Ancient words began to form as Krul’bei touched the stone.

Infused with magic, like the water
A common sight, within a slaughter
Held by sky kings, of many complexion
coveted by mortals, for power or poison

Sareth produced a vial of Mekkalath, the red dragon’s, blood from his person and poured it onto the dark obelisk. The stone began to burn like firewood until there was nothing but ash. With the stone destroyed, the dark mist lifted and the heroes find themselves gazing at an ancient temple.

The path to the temple was lined with tall primordial stones carved from what seemed like white marble. As they approached the temple doors, krul’bei spots more words in the ancient text appear on the door.

One must first be willing to destroy
In order to create

Krul’bei thought hard about what the words meant. He thought that the obelisks must have some sort of connection and struck one with his sword imbued with his magic. The obelisk began to glow green and absorbed Krul’bei’s spell. The marble stone lit up in green flames and a beam of light swept through the heroes. Sareth and Logan managed to avoid the Obelisk’s attack, however the rest of the heroes were struck leaving some of their magic items inert. The obelisk’s power began to fade and the temple’s doors slowly parted.



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