Gardmore Abbey: Conclusion

Through the course of two months, we started and finished Gardmore Abbey from the end of November 2011 to mid-January 2012. It was an extremely compelling experience filled with some unique encounters and great atmosphere. The group largely enjoyed the module and we would recommend it to any groups looking for a long, in-depth adventure to keep them busy!

Exploring the Abbey and its grounds took time, so the PCs first confronted and dispatched a large tribe of Orcs infesting the outer villages. Soon after, they entered the Feywood grove adjacent to the Abbey and made dealings with an Eladrin Knight named Berrian, who warned them of a great and terrible danger in the forest’s watchtower. Defeating its other-worldly protector, the PCs emerged from the grove fully aware of what awaited them atop the hill, and as they drove away the monsters and beasts they descended into Gardmore’s catacombs. Facing untold horrors with the help of the Paladin Sir Oakly, the PCs slew a powerful priest of the Eye and eventually came across the Abbey’s true power: Mekkalath. A dangerous conflict erupts and through sheer determination, skill and tactics the PCs emerge victorious. Soon after, they confronted the lord of Winterhaven: Padraig, and after a final vicious battle, the party had the Deck of Many Things in hand.

But, what awaits them next? Joria: War of the Gods continues with its story-driven elements and we close in on Paragon tier with the world closer to peril then ever before!



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