Gardmore Abbey: Introduction

Not wasting time, the adventurers make haste south west to Jevlin’s Gate, a large port city behind ‘The Wall’, a mighty construction that has held off attacks from undead since Entreria’s very first days. Hired out by Baron Alistair to ensure Gardmore Abbey does not fall to the encroaching armies of the Lich Nevlim, the player characters prepare accordingly and head north.

Finding sanctuary in the village of Winterhaven, tasks are accepted and preperations are made to begin exploration of an Abbey once devoted to Oren, but now home to Orcs, Ogres and much worse things.

We begin again on the twentieth, where a marathon gaming session on the Sunday will deal with Gardmore Abbbey in all her splendour and danger!


Meanwhile at the Bazaar…
MAKEOVER!! que music Makeover, makeover. Makeover, makeover. Makeover, makeover. MAKEOVER!!

Gardmore Abbey: Introduction

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