Jevlin's Gate: Defeat

With the warriors and knights of Jevlin’s gate answering the horn’s call, thousands of soldiers march to defend the wall from the enormous horde of undead Nevlim has finally brought before Entreria. Baron Alistair Yeld personally leads the adventurers and his followers to the wall to issues commands; the first of which is for the heroes to once again defend Jevlin’s gate from evil.

Advance scouts warn of one of Nevlim’s most powerful minions, a Mind Flayer and his Hill Giant thralls who threaten to break down the wall’s supposedly indestructible gate. As the party rushes down to defend the gate, it is suddenly burst open and shattered by the combined might of the giants, and a titanic battle takes place as the two sides engage. The Giants begin by hurling boulders to slow the party down, and as the characters try to maneuver around the difficult terrain, the danger of these foes becomes more and more real.

Unfortunately the Mind Flayer is too powerful with his psychic blasts and several of the player characters fall and are slain. First is Themescalys, who is crushed by the clubs of Hill Giant Smashers. Second is Silver, heroic monk slain by the Mind Flayer as his psychic blasts destroy his mind and leave him a husk. Lastly is the immortal Kala Devi, who leaves this life to reincarnate again in the world. Krul-Bei narrowly avoids death, and Sareth flees from the field of battle; leaving the Giants victorious and Jevlin’s Gate in the throes of death. The city is conquered a day later as there are no more heroes to save the day.



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