Pilgrimage Ignited

The heroes entered the mysterious temple without hesitation. They come across an ancient statue with an expressionless visage and a flaming maw. Upon closer inspection, Krul’bei discovered a familiar moon shaped rune that displayed a riddle in the primordial script. Upon solving the riddle, the statue parted open and the heroes were lead to a staircase that descended deeper into the temple.

Heat began to emanate from the walls as the party descended the earthen staircase. Much to Bori’s surprise, he discovered a vein of a rare ore. Dark Mithril. The staircase lead them into a magma chamber. The heroes were greeted by rock formations and rivers of lava as far as the eye can see.

The party encountered many challenges trying to find their way through the flaming landscape. Poisonous gasses and Searing lava threatened to end their quest. They were attacked by uroktor, lizard like denizens of the magma chamber. After killing most of the uroktor that attacked them, the heroes were able to find shelter at a most unusual cave.

Heat did not seem to penetrate this cave, and an odd ball of light uncovered 3 paths at its walls. The Party decided to take respite where the paths separate and decide which to take when they have taken much needed rest. Ilfarren and Naya were awoken by cries of help in the elven tongue originating from the central path. The two rushed toward the source of the voice only to find a stone door close in front of them. Just in time to catch a glimpse of the a beautiful elven female get burned alive. Her shrieks echoed the halls, however Ilfarren and Naya were unable to open the gates.

With the central path blocked, the party decided to take the left path. At the end of the short tunnel, they discover a shrine of a burning humanoid figure. As they approached the shrine, Krul’bei again discovers a moon shaped rune embedded in the floor. As they examine the rune, its magic activates and began to show an image of a young wizard and a Genasi. They begin to argue about their presence within the temple. The genasi urged for them to leave, however the wizard ignored his pleas and cast a spell. The images disappeared.

The shrine erupts in flames, revealing a humanoid figure with onyx skin with fiery hair. He called himself Ignatus, son of Ignala.



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