Selbina Shattered

The heroes made their way back to Selbina eager to return to Oria and continue their quest. They were shocked to find smoke emanating from the carline canopy and Entrerian soldiers patrolling the outskirts of the small town. After eliminating the Entrerian troops, the heroes searched for survivors amongst the ruined town. Inside the carline canopy they find the bartender’s daughter, crystal, protected from the fire by a badly burned Treant. Crystal informed the heroes that her father Pogar left with the surviving towns guard in pursuit of the entrerians.The heroes treated crystal’s wounds and followed Pogar’s trail. The trail ended at the tundras of axeld peaks. The heroes scaled the icy trails only to find a trail of dead Selbina soldiers and piles of ash. As they picked up the trail, the heroes are ambushed by entrerian troops turned vampire. After dealing with the dark creatures, the heroes managed to catch up to pogar, surrounded by piles of ash. Much to their dismay, the heroes discovered that pogar has suffered bite marks by the vampires and will turn in time.



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