Sins of the Guardian

The heroes requested Ignatus’ aid to stop the incoming comet that will devastate Joria. The demi-god, distrusting the heroes, refused to take part in their schemes. Ignatus revealed that he once unwillingly gave his power to a mortal wizard named Nevlim and he has distrusted mortals since. The impatient Baalnir Gorespill attacked Ignatus with a mighty blow. This act proved costly for the heroes. The demi-god let loose unquenchable flames that enveloped the heroes, determined to burn them to ashes. Krul’bei beseeched for the demi-god to give them a chance to prove themselves worthy of his aid. Ignatus was amused with this request and saw an opportunity to rid himself of a dilemma. Ignatus commanded them to slay his warped son Agnaktor, located in the magma chamber deep in his temple.


The heroes assaulted Agnaktor’s magma chamber and destroyed the beast in a heated battle. With its lord destroyed, the magma chamber’s power dissipates leaving nothing but cool rock and fertile soil. Ignatus, surprised at the heroes’ prowess, bestowed upon them Ignala’s essence and promised to aid them when the time comes. Ilfarren chose to bear Ignala’s gift, which gave him the power of fire.



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