Striving for Perfection, a fighting style for obtaining power.
Immortal Arts
The immortal arts is split into two opposing schools
One, The art of Justice, Divine Arts Seiken!
The other, an evil form, Demonic Style Mundakata!
Martial Artists destined to fight constantly at war
They learn… They change…
– Shinzo – Wartrotter Troubadour

In the blasted plains, a form of fighting style was developed. The Immortal arts style was created by ten of “The People” now known as githyanki/githzerai to free themselves of the illithid’s dominating rule. Immortal Arts is a martial art in which one harnesses and mimics the abilities of the gods as well as reach spiritual peace. However, dissent grew among the creators. Three believed that they should use the suffering and hatred harnessed within to increase their power, using their power to assume their monstrous forms, the Three Claw Demons. The Three Claw demons surrendered their will to Mundagore, God of war. The other seven believed that the strength should come from within, Blessed by Justicarius, were forced to fight a brutal war against their former friends; ending the fight with a forbidden technique to seal the Claw Demons’ powers at the cost of losing their mortal forms in the process becoming the 7 divine sages.

Many years later, A fallen student from the Seiken school named Zer’kai turns to Mundagore and his Mundaken style. Zer’kai rebuilt the dark hall in the blasted plains and brought back the long-dead Mundaken users as undead warriors to collect souls of fallen warriors to resurrect the defeated Three Claw Demons. The blasted plains is ravaged by war once more as both schools fight for supremacy. Three newly named Seiken masters: Jan’zi “Unbreakable Body” Kandou, Raz’sha “Honest Heart” Uzaki and Grenth “Iron Will” Shiba band together to stop the revival of the three claw Demons. After years of fighting with the Mundaken forces, the trio was able to stop Zer’kai’s diabolical plan and finally deafeting Zer’kai in a fateful duel. Zer’kai, at the cost of this thralls, evades capture and uses a bizarre power to summon an obsidian monolith in the burning planes. The Obsidian Monolith quickly drained the life force of the burning planes feeding on mundaken and seiken alike turning it into a lifeless husk. The three seiken masters had no choice but to go their separate ways to hunt down Zer’kai find a way to restore their broken home. With a heavy heart, Grenth Shiba sets off for the astral plane in search of answers.

This crew of warriors from the planes sail across the cosmic sea in pursuit of knowledge and glory! Raising their flag against Vlaakith the lich queen, these brilliant men and women take back the astral plane as pirates!
– Basco Sid – Horizon Walker

Grenth Shiba, continues to wander the astral plane over the past few months. The seiken master has developed a reputation of being nothing short of a menace to Vlaakith, the lich queen’s minions. Grenth caused an impressive amount of trouble for Tu’narath, the capital city of the githyanki, by raiding red dragon hatcheries and crafting guerilla attacks with the githzerai rebels in the city. The Lich queen did not ignore Grenth and his rebels for long, initiating a manhunt as far as putting up a bounty of 40 Astral Diamonds. Slowly the rebels were hunted out. Grenth became unable to settle anywhere in one place due to the Lich Queen’s assassins at his heels. It was then that the Pirate Captain Akared first noticed Grenth. Slowly becoming overwhelmed by his attackers, Grenth wasn’t about to give up. Then Akared appeared, offering to help him fight the Githyanki Assasins. Realizing that Akared was a pirate, Grenth warned him that he would get no Astral Diamonds for saving him. That was when Akared told him that it wasn’t money he wanted. He wanted Grenth for his crew. They fought off the Lich Queen’s forces together, proving to be quite the combination. Afterwards, Grenth told Akared that the Lich Queen will keep searching for him and will kill both of them. Akared made his intentions known to Grenth that he was searching for an astral sea free of the lich queen, and he accepts. Thankful for what Akared had done for him, Grenth vows to stay with him until the Lich Queen is defeated or he has found a way to restore the burning planes and reunite with his fellow Seiken masters. Akared’s pirates continuously fought the Lich Queen, gaining no ground and saving a meagre handful of cities against Vlaakith’s conquest. One day, an enormous portal rips open the fabric of the astral plane. Vlaakith’s Red dragons seemed enthralled by this event and immediately abandoned Tu’narath leaving it open for plunder. Akared’s crew immediately acted on this opportunity and sacked the city. Without the dragon’s powers, the lich queen was defeated and the astral plane took its first step to freedom just as Akared envisioned. Having fulfilled his oath to Akared, Grenth set off to the astral sea once more, but not before returning to his frayed homeland.

The immortal arts are weaved into this land. The god isle known as the burning planes is shattered but can be re-made. Return what was stolen, breathe magic back into the land and see it restored.
- Shafu – Divine Sage

Grenth was surprised to find the obsidian monolith shattered upon returning to the burning plains. The chaos energy that once ravaged the land is slowly dissipating. The Seiken master communed with the land and his old master Shafu answered his call providing him with a way to restore the land. Motivated with his master’s guidance, Grenth vows to restore the land by reviving the Seiken school and infusing magic into the land. Grenth sets off to Joria, in search of new students and individuals adept in the arcane arts to breathe life back to the Burning Plains.


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