The Army of Death

Coming upon the third level of Anvilbreaker, ancient city of Dwarves, the party soon finds an enormous army of undead, Orcs, Troglodytes and other monstrosities at the command of a mysterious figure who works them into a fervor!

The player characters watch as this huge procession ascends a ramp up onto the surface, and soon gives chase, engaging in battle with nasty ghouls, ghasts and gargoyles who guard their master from intrusion. Defeating these minions, the heroes finally came to the surface themselves, the glare of sun revealing their true enemey: Nevlim, a Lich of immense age and power, who is last seen departing through a portal and ushering forth his Orcs and Ogres to confront the player characters. Not without surprises, Wulf, the barbarian who had kept watch of Silae and the party as they progressed through Anvilbreakers tunrs into an Oni, who immediately attempts to throw the unconscious nymph (weak from being cutoff from her connection to the natural world) off the battlement. Due to the heroics of Krul-Bei, Silae is saved and through ingenious tactics, Nevlim’s minions are slain quite handily.

The PCs have escaped Anvilbreaker, but watch with concern as a massive army now marches on Jevlin’s Gate to the south, the only bastion against intrusions deep into Entreria. With the suspicions of alliances between common enemies looming overhead, there is much distress for the future. Until next week!

Suspicions Underground

Having slain Troglodytes and Spiders and finding Anvilbreaker quite occupied, the adventurers next found a much more dangerous foe in their path: Orcs. At first a patrol, and then many more in running battles. But that is not all the found on the second floor of this once great city. Lurking deep within a forsaken shrine to Justicarius lay the God’s fallen priests, now embalmed and wrapped as mummies that attacked the party without second thought.

A dangerous battle took place, but the heroes emerged victorious and with spoils to boot. Realizing that the third level they were about to ascend to would be closest to the surface, the party braved on in the hopes of seeing Oren, the light, the sun once again. Until next week!

A Dwarven Legacy

Trapped and without aid hundreds of feet below the Harkenwold Forest, the player characters desperately navigate the ancient ruins of Anvilbreaker, the great dwarven city once led by Fordin Anvilbreaker. It is not long until clues pertain to old signet rings that will open portals, and the party soon realizes they are not alone.

A first encounter with Troglodytes leaves a pungent and nasty taste within nostrils and mouths, although the savage enemy is overcome. Soon after it’s found that the Troglodytes feasted on a nearby nest of spiders, which was put to the torch and the animals slain. In their last moments, the player characters come across the dilapidated remains of a Dwarven library, where after much scouring, a musty tome is found detailing the history of a powerful artifact: The Axe of Kings.

Until next week!

'To the Deep We Go!'

Still prisoners in the frigid keep of Garren Frostingdeath, the player characters utilized trickery and magic to escape from the dungeon, much to the guarding Gnolls detriment. A quick retreat with the aid of Wulf and Selae allowed the player characters to reunite, finding a teleportation shard along the way, although not without alerting the Giants!

Ascending to the top of the keep where a rookery of Griffons were kept, a tense standoff occurred when suddenly, a whole congregation of Beholders who had supposedly been working with the Giants began to bicker and fracture from the alliance. Caught between angry Frost Giants and incredulous Beholders, Themescalys managed to utter the keyword to the teleportation shard, a tribute to Betheenas that said,

“On the Deep Seas we tread,
alone within his gaze,
Take us to the depths at once,
to the Deep we go!”

And with that, the group vanished a moment before battle was fought, and the player characters suddenly found themselves in darkness. They now stood in Anvilbreaker, the ancient dwarven city of the Anvilbreaker clan that was destroyed over a millennia ago. New horrors awaited…

Prisoners of Deception

The player characters immediately realized the strength of the giants, but foresaw that overcoming them would be possible with a silver tongue and some quick thinking. Jack, the Minotaur Barbarian of the group first scouted the keep’s first level under the guise of a rat, and a plan was formulated to voluntarily become prisoners in order to explore further.

The party fragmented as Sareth, Krul-Bei and Silver were taken to the dungeon on the second level, while Jack, Themescalys and Kala-Devi infiltrated the second floor with the distraction. They came about a Nymph named Selae and a Barbarian named Wulf who were also prisoner, although more time would be necessary to free them all! Until next week!

In the Valley of Giants

Having pressed on through the Dominion Mountain range and accessing Thamarax’s treasure horde, the adventurers eventually came upon the Kevriel forest, a small valley within the mountains that housed all sorts of horrors.

At first evading a patrol of vicious Gnolls, the player characters devised a plan to infiltrate into the heart of this forest. Realizing that there must have been a small army of Gnolls inhabiting the area, they came across a massive keep; too large for any human but certainly of size to house Giants. And that’s exactly what they found: Frost Giants. Until next week!

To the Dominion Mountains

Having cleaned up the sewers of filth and determining Baron Gerald’s court wizard was a necromancer on behalf of Giant overseers, the party was commissioned to head north into the Dominion mountain range in search of any connections the Gnolls and Giants have with one another, in addition to the undead.

At first they helped out a local village on the outskirts of Diram by slaying a vampire who had been plaguing local livestock, and as they continued their trek northwards they encountered the mighty white dragon Thamarax. A titanic battle took place in the icy chill and cold of the Dominion Mountains, but the player characters were victorious over their foe; their first Draconic kill.

Revelations in Diram

Continuing their quest within Diram’s underground sewer network, the player characters eventually happened upon a meeting between a robed figure and his massive skeleton bodyguards, as well as a contingent of Gnolls. There was no room for diplomacy as a vicious battle erupted and after some quick footwork their enemies were dispatched.

It turned out the robed figure who was in command of the undead was none other than one of Baron Gerald’s closest court wizards. Such treachery was not received well by the Baron, but he none the less hired the adventurers for the third time to discover the link between the undead and Gnolls, and the Giants manipulating them. Until next week!

Victory in the Hall of Heroes & The Diram Sewers

Concluding the final battle within the Hall of Heroes, the PCs are victorious and return to Baron Gerald with news of the last remnants of the Iron Circle. In addition, the Baron hires them again to find out why they had encountered Undead in the old guild hall, as well as their link to the Giants that have subtly made their presence known.

Starting with the Diram Sewers, the PCs delve into the darkness and filth of the underground and quickly realize that more Undead await, where they achieve victory over a collection of Spectres and Wraiths. More dangers await next week!

Battle in the Hall of Heroes

Inquiring with a local headmaster of an adventurer’s guild, the player characters finally enter the Hall of Heroes, an abandoned guild house now inhabited by wererats, ogres and worse creatures. After a merciless battle against lycanthropes and ogres, the player characters soon find out that the guild house is being used by a Skull Lord and his growing legion of undead. We stopped the battle half way through the final encounter, so we’ll see if victory or defeat awaits the player characters a week from now!


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