Enter Diram

The adventurers turn west fresh after the defeat of the Iron Circle in the Harkonwold and on Dar Gremath’s behalf, travel to the large town of Diram in the heart of Entreria. Adjacent to the Leo River, Diram is a town of artisans, wealthy merchants and several adventurer guilds. It is also well known for its mighty temple to Justicarius and countless statues to heroes past. Upon arrival, the adventurers quickly enter into an agreement with Baron Gerald, Lord of Diram and in return for a large sum of gold, began hunting down the last remnants of the Iron Circle.

After a vicious battle in the harbour markets, the PCs find out their Lycanthropic quarry has escaped to the Artisan’s Square and the Hall of Heroes. Until next week!

The Fall of the Iron Circle

As the player characters defeated the infernal tar devils in the Chapel once dedicated to Justicarius, they move on after finding out Baron Stockmer is being held in the great tower. Fighting brutally floor by floor, the defeat Aranglor’s minions and finally confront the mighty half-orc, the true leader of the Iron Circle’s operations in the Harkonwold.

A vicious melee ensues with no quarter given and only through much sweat and blood do the players emerge victorious. They find a number of magical items and gold as a reward for their hard work, and ultimately the adulation of the Baron and the surrounding hamlets. The Harkenwold is free!

Infiltration of the Iron Keep

The player characters scale the walls of the Iron Keep, intent on finally defeating the Iron Circle once and for all, but find the defenders largely prepared! A huge battle ensues on the ramparts as swords clash and spells hurtle through the air. After a bloody battle, the player characters emerge victorious and battered, taking time to rest before finally entering the Keep itself.

It’s not long until they find the lower levels mainly deserted, and its only when the PCs enter the chapel once devoted to Justicarius that they find it desecrated in the name of Zoren, God of Death and occupied by more Tar Devils! Another brutal fight occurs and the PCs fight back against the ambush and achieve another victory. The end of the first adventure is finally in sight. Will the party succeed in vanquishing the Iron Circle and freeing the Harkenwold from tyranny? Stay tuned!

Victory in Albridge and the Infiltration of the Iron Keep

Fighting bravely to defend Albridge, the player characters are victorious in repelling the invaders and through clever tactics and overwhelming force, defeat and kill Nazin Redthorn. The next day, they make off for Harken and commence their attack upon the Iron Keep by scaling the walls at night.

Detected by guards, they now fight for their life in the hopes of finally defeating the Iron Circle once and for all! We take a week off and then continue with the finale of this introductory module!

The Battle of Albridge

Defeating the undead mage Yisarn and compelling the Woodsinger Elves to join forces with the beleaguered Harkonwolders, the player characters join the battle to defend Albridge. Their initial flanking attacks are successful in driving back the Iron Circle, and as they push further, they are victorious over new and deadly enemies such as Tar Devils.

Next week comes the climax of the battle when the PCs confront Nazin in combat, with the victor potentially deciding the outcome of the battle of Albridge. Stay tuned!

The Defeat of Yisarn

Having infiltrated the Undead Mage Yisarn’s lair, the player characters first dispatched his goblin guards. Soon after they confronted Yisarn himself and his pet giant spider, where a brutal combat broke out. After dealing with traps and Yisarn’s deadly magic, the player characters were victorious in defeating the Woodsinger Clan’s ancestral foe, in addition to securing a potential hideout.

Returning to the Woodsinger Clan, the party secured the elves as allies and began preparations for the onslaught that was about to overtake Albridge.


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