An ancient nation once composed of nomadic Human, Shifter and Goliath tribes, Civean transformed when the Astral Dominion occurred: the great and ordered arrival of the Marut as the lords and commanders of these eastern lands. This transformation of culture and government united fractured populations into a powerful, centralized authoritarian rule that has evolved to this day.

Led by a council of powerful Marut warlords and sages, Civean is a unique society where religious worship of any deity is allowed so long as citizens contribute meaningfully towards order and military expansionism. While pockets devoted to ‘evil’ deities exist, they do so under the harsh surveillance of their Marut rulers who ensure no cunning plots ever come to fruition. In addition, racial tensions between the three major cultures that make up the Civean Dominion are quelled and over generations, have lessened to a point where all races are thought of as equals in service to the Marut.

For centuries Civean, in a loose coalition with Oria, have pressed deeply into Sethrian lands, forcing back Yuan-Ti fanaticism with disciplined campaigns of military superiority. The Marut view the Yuan-Ti as the ultimate expression of the corruption of order; evil propagating more evil for the sake of an immortal Emperor who grasps for eternal power. In the last century, alliances with Oria have soured over the lines dividing lands once belonging to the Empire of Sethrian, and many observers whisper of new fronts opening up between the two large countries.

Civean’s largest city and capital is Mantir. A huge port on the eastern coast of the heartlands, Mantir services Civean’s vast navies and oversees most official trade with the Elven Kingdoms of Rilistani. It is a metropolis of alabaster temples, obsidian barracks and buildings of minimalist design that reflects the simple but determined nature of the nation’s diverse populace. From sprawling markets that rival the Trade House of Garrant to the Iron Fortress that comprises an elite battalion of Marut legionnaires, Mantir represents a bastion of Order to rival any other in Joria.


Joria Jalathan