Dominion Mountains

Dominion mountains

One of the many mountain ranges formed during Goreoth’s Ancient Decree, the Dominion Mountains are the tallest hills and peaks in Joria’s northern hemisphere. Reaching into the clouds and covered in heavy drifts of snow and ice, countless flora and fauna call the Dominion Mountains their home and only the hardiest and most brave humanoids dare venture or reside there. Blizzards can last for weeks and below freezing temperatures can turn a man’s blood to ice if he is not adequately protected from exposure.

Chief among the Dominion Mountain’s residents are Frost Giants. Vicious and cruel, these enormous beings tower over lesser races that they enslave or coerce into servitude. Gnolls and Orcs in particular make up large portions of their armies and congregate in the Giant’s fortresses scattered throughout the peaks. In addition, White Dragons are well known to hunt through the hundreds of miles that make up the Dominion Mountains, and it is rumored that some work in concert with Garren Frostingdeath, King of the Frost Giants.

Perhaps the greatest marvel within the Dominion Mountains is the crystal clear view of Kel-Sarra, the land far away and shrouded in mystery. Fables, mythology and bard’s tales recount of great adventurers, mages, shamans and kings visiting Kel-Sarra, but none have ever returned…

Dominion Mountains

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