Entreria “New” Diram

The fall of Jevlin’s Gate was the first step to the eventual destruction of the country once known as Entreria. Shortly after, Nevlim’s horde swiftly consumed all of Entreria in less than a year. After the fall of Diram, the great lich Nevlim halted his conquest and retreated to the capital city of Karan but not before leaving a steward in his place. This “New” Entreria is now run on a strong military dictatorship by its appointed monarch King Mordekaiser.


The people of Entreria are now slowly becoming accustomed to martial law. Although most Entrerians do not trust the new king, they acknowledge that he is methodical, powerful, and skilled. Every Entrerian citizen is forced into compulsory military service enforced by Nevlim’s dark magic. Undead slaves, product of the one year war, now roam the streets of Entreria’s cities and perform mundane tasks. Most people have given up hope and are quick to fulfill their oaths to the king and begin their new lives.

  • Nevlim the Great Lich
  • King Mordekaiser
  • Duchess Drace
  • Duke Ghis
  • Duke Boranth
  • Duke Carudas
  • Marquis Verad
Cities and Settlements
  • Diram
  • Kaela
  • Harken
  • Garrant
  • Karan


Joria duokaiser