Livia's Glacier

Livia’s Glacier is an ancient and natural construction of ice like any glacier in the frozen north of Joria, but deep within the swirling blizzards and deadly cold of these foreboding lands lay an ages old secret. Before the emergences of the great nations of the Heartlands, when simple men forged Entreria and Oria, and the Marut first came to Civean, the most powerful sorceress of that time walked among the common folk.

Her name was Livia Ulear, a beautiful Kalashtar sorceress whose power rivaled those of Gods. She had been unknowingly born a champion of Xentha and as she reached adolescence, her patron Goddess began to speak to her in dreams and visions. At first frightened by such divine contact, Livia shied away from the melodic and beautiful voice of Xentha, but as time progressed and the tribes and peoples of those primal lands bore spectacle to her miracles and power, Livia embraced her divinity. For countless years she fought wars against evil, spread the influence of magic, and loved those dear to her. Livia’s life was a reflection of her goddess in almost all aspects, for her life was ageless and full of greatness and equal amounts sorrow.
Winter witch

It was during her seventh century of existence that Livia began to retreat from the troubles and conflicts of Joria, much to Xentha’s concern. A Chosen and Champion of Xentha was expected to keep the evils of the world at bay, but Livia’s jaded dreams and desires never seemed to come to fruition. It was then that she took a pilgrimage north to the Dominion Mountains. Here, in this desolate land of snow and ice Livia hoped to see some vision or sign from her Goddess that would show her the way, but instead Xentha used this journey as a test of resolve for her favoured daughter. Without guidance from Xentha, Livia descended into despair and eventually madness began to consume her. What was once a magnanimous champion of good became lost forever in the snows of the glacier Livia tread on.

Stories and myths suggest those few who brave her glacier and survive speak of a haunting voice that fills the traveller’s ears in the howling wind and snow, and fragmented mirages of Livia herself will turn a man mad even after a brief glimpse. If there is one fact these adventurers can attest to, it is that any sojourn north should be done so at your own peril.

Livia's Glacier

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