The One Year War

113165 cn gl Nevlim’s horde march through Entreria

Breaking Jevlin’s Gate

As the full might of Nevlim’s army drew near, Baron Alistair Yeld rallied his forces to drive back the tide of darkness as it had done countless times in centuries past. Learning of Nevlim’s alliance with the Giants and the Beholders, the Baron emptied his coffers and summoned adventuring companies from all over the Heartlands to bolster the city’s defenses, but it was for naught.

The giants proved far too powerful for Jevlin’s walls to keep them at bay and hordes of undead swarmed through the fallen gate and overwhelmed the beleaguered defenders. In a final act of defiance, Alistair challenged the lich to single combat for the fate of Jevlin’s Gate and Nevlim acquiesced; commandeding his Dracolich to answer the call. The Baron fought bravely, but could not stand before the power of a mighty Dracolich. The wall fall within a few hours of Baron Alistair Yeld’s death, and the city was destroyed a day later.

Nevlim’s Tsunami

Deluge of Garrant

With the fall of Jevlin’s Gate, Baron Gaheris Macht of Garrant prepared for a drawn out confrontation against Nevlim’s undead. A brilliant tactician, he kept land skirmishes at a minimum as he knew they would not last long against Nevlim’s tireless horde. Lord of Garrant, a rich coastal city, the Baron had access to a massive fleet of trade ships in addition to his own Naval fleet. The Baron issued a call to arms to every surviving spell caster in Entreria and loaded them into the trade ships. With spellcasters aboard, the baron had effectively transformed these trade ships into gunships. The Baron’s new navy allowed him to use the Sea of Entrer and the Jevlin River to enact hit and run tactics against Nevlim’s slow moving armies. The lich would ride out with his dragons to meet Gaheris’ ships but they would soon disappear as if the sea itself hid them from his gaze. This infuriated the Lich. The fighting lasted for months, and it seemed that Gaheris would be the eventual victor. Little did Gaheris know that Nevlim has spies in Garrant.

Gaheris’ son, Prince Ghis, harbored contempt for his father ever since he had fallen into disfavour due to his lack of magical ability and Nevlim used this weakness; offering Ghis magical power beyond reproach if he could deliver to Nevlim the secret of his father’s mastery of the sea. Ghis informed Nevlim of his sister Ashelya and her primordial stone; a piece of ancient Joria that if used as an implement allowed the user to control Joria’s elements. Nevlim coveted the stone and enticed Ghis into helping him acquire it. Nevlim arranged for the kidnapping of Gaheris’ daughter, and with the help of the prince, she was delivered to the lich.

Hearing word of his daughter’s capture; Gaheris plead for the famous swordmage Krul’Bei to charge through the front lines and rescue his daughter. Gaheris stirred his whole navy into action, raining magic and mortar into the battlefield and as Krul’bei made haste for Nevlim’s outpost, he cut a swathe amongst the distracted undead hordes. But Nevlim had counted on this eventuality. The lich summoned his hags and used the stone’s power to conjure a powerful living tsunami. The Tsunami raged and consumed the baron’s fleet within minutes. The destruction did not stop there. The Sea itself rose upon Garrant and consumed the city, drowning most of its inhabitants. Nevlim had conquered Garrant at last.

Enraged for having fallen for Nevlim’s trap, Krul’bei was determined to rescue Princess Ashelya. He confronted the traitor Ghis and nearly slew him in single combat, but refrained at the behest of Ashelya. Realizing all was lost, the duo fled Garrant with a heavy hearts. With Garrant under his control, Nevlim honored his bargain with Ghis and bestowed upon him the title: Duke of Garrant.

Frost Giant’s Triumph

The Butcher of Harken

Harken was unprepared for the onslaught that had ravaged much of Entreria. When Jevlin’s Gate had fallen, Nevlim commanded the Frost giants to march to Harken under the command of his champion, General Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser, a brilliant and shrewd tactician known for his ruthlessness in the battlefield knew that Harken was not prepared and that he could force his way into the hamlet with ease. Unfortunately the Frost Giants disliked the general and did not understand why they were needed to conquer a small and inconsequential valley. Mordekaiser saw this as an opportunity to win the Giant’s trust and be recognized as their leader.

Ordering the giants to march where the Leo river met the Dominion Mountains, Mordekaiser waited for days and prayed for his gambit to pay off. On the eve of the 6th day, the general was elated to hear a report from one of his scouts that Harken’s populace were to be evacuated. After hearing news of the fall of Jevlin’s Gate, Dar Gremath had amassed a militia in Albridge to prepare for the assault that would assuredly be coming. Mordekaiser had to act fast and put his plan in motion.

The Frost Giants charged down from the Dominion moutains and defeated the refugees’ small escort with ease. Having taken the people of Harken hostage, the Frost Giant army marched to Albridge with their prisoners in tow. Mordekaiser presented his captives for all Albridge to see. The general humbly requested that the defenders of albridge disarm themselves and join their loved ones. The frightened populace called out to the soldiers, children for their fathers and wives for their husbands. Morale already low from the fall of Jevlin’s gate, the militia, seeing their loved ones once more broke down. They threw down their arms and opened the gates. The people of Harken eager to be united with their fathers and husbands once more ran to the gates of Albridge.

It was then that Mordekaiser ordered the attack. With the force of a mighty avalanche, the Frost Giants charged at the battlements, trampling the people of Harken with every stride. The militia men, overcome with fear and shock were disorganized and were not able to mount a proper defense. The giants sacked Albridge without taking a single casualty. This battle is where Mordekaiser earned the giant’s respect and the title Mordekaiser the red.

City State of Karan

Surrender of Karan

Prior to Nevlim’s revival, Karan had been going through troubles of its own. The Baron, Ondore Sol Gridania, was extremely ill and his time in this world was growing short. The Baron had to choose an heir between his two sons; the older Carudas Sol Gridania, charismatic and devious politian, and the young and noble Ferrinas Sol Gridania. The Baron had decided that when the time came, he would transfer his powers to the senate until Ferrinas had come of age. Carudas was enraged, but could not openly defy his father’s decision. Carudas, with all his cunning, devised a plan that would give him the throne. He waited until Nevlim’s forces had marched upon Karan’s gates when his father and the senate would be the most vulnerable, and then enacted his plan…

General Cezary of the front lines was shocked to hear that the Baron and the chairmen of the senate had been assasinated and ordered his most loyal soldiers to secret away young Ferrinas from Karan shoftly after. The enraged Cezary then marched into the war chamber to find Carudas standing over the dead bodies of the chairmen and the late baron. Generals Drace and Boranth shortly appeared via magical waygate.

“A Viper Amongst our Senators?!” Cezary yelled with conviction.

Carudas made his way to the throne and sat down. “With the high Chairman as its head. He confessed and passed his own sentence,” Carudas calmly replied motioning to the dead body.

“A Viper with many tails, much of the senate is to blame” Interjected Boranth. Carudas nodded and replied, “We now have no choice but to assign powers of autocracy to myself until—”.

“Spare me your lies!” Cezary roars. “I see the serpent coiled here before me!”.

“Cezary! Watch your tongue, he is your new baron,” pled General Drace.

Cezary unsheathed his sword “Drace! Do not tell me you join in this actor’s farce!”

Drace again pled with the provoked General and said “With the undead at our doorstep, our leader must have a free hand.” Cezary glanced away from Drace and scoffed.

“The once great house Gridania is now reduced to myself and my dear brother Ferrinas,” Carudas lamented.

“Surely you would not go so far!” Cezary pointed his sword at the new baron “Carudas Sol Gridania, as General and upholder of the law, I hereby place you under arrest! urk..!” Cezary looked down in horror as he saw a blade portruding from his abdomen._

“You misunderstand, Carudas did not make himself autocrat.” Boranth jeered as he turned the blade “It was the very ministry of Law which you serve. Do you see it now Cezary? When you bared your sword at the baron you bared your sword at the law.”

It was that same day that Carudas brokered an alliance with Nevlim. The day when Entreria’s hope for salvation was lost.

Jarvan Lightshield marches with his army

United Front

Upon hearing of Harken’s fall, Evard of Diram quickly alerted the Barons of Oria and Raminas of Kaela to enlist their aid. Baron Raminas Lightshield quickly responded to Evard’s plea and sent a legion of his best paladins to Diram. House Gridania has now sided with the enemy, and Raminas’ list of allies grew thin. He sent his people as refugees along with his son Jarvan Lightshield and the Swordmage Krul’bei to Nileer as refugees. Jarvan pled with the Baroness of Nileer, Cecilia Karst to mobilize her army and defend Kaela. The baroness refused, showing apathy concerning troubles outside her beautiful city. Jarvan, tired of the baroness’ arrogance, instead appealed to Cecilia’s daughter Cornelia in an attempt to sway her mother.

Cecilia continuously denied Jarvan and Cornelia’s plea to mobilize her army, accusing Jarvan of being a war monger just like his father. Cornelia had no choice but to force her hand for the good of her people. Calling upon the barony of Oria to have an emergency summit in Nileer, Cornelia mediated a discussion to determine the fate of Entreria and the Heartlands. Not only did the barons of Oria answer the call, but the mighty dwarven city of Targon did as well.

Cecilia was outraged and began spewing nonsense about the barons trying to usurp and overthrow her from the throne. The Barony had no choice but to strip her of her title and placed Cornelia as the new Baroness. Cornelia refused and instead suggested a new form of government, a triumvirate. This proposal stated that they elect three leaders, noble and strong to ensure Oria remained united. The barony chose Cornelia Karst of Nileer, Grand Master Rurik of Targon, and Rasler Gerun of Ira. Jarvan and Cornelia had grown close and fond of each other during their time together in Nileer, and Cornelia eventually refused her position and proposed Jarvan Lightshield take up her charge, knowing that he had the qualities of a great leader. Jarvan gladly accepted this honour and thus the United Orian Triumvirate was born. To mark the glorious occasion Jarvan and Cornelia decided to marry. Unfortunately the celebration was cut short, for on the eve of their wedding, they had received news that Kaela was under siege. With the might of his new allies, Jarvan marched to Kaela to put a stop to Nevlim’s horde.

Nevlim Sieges Kaela

The Siege of Kaela

Nevlim’s undead horde continued to batter the city’s defenses and the battle was turning into a war of attrition with both sides barely gaining an advantage. With the city’s magical shield emanating from the Paeling, the central tower powered by clerics and Baron Raminas himself, Kaela managed to hold strong against Nevlim’s magical might. Nevlim knew he had to act, for even he could survive a drawn out confrontation while Entreria gained allies from the east.

Nevlim decided to unleash his newest Champion, Baalnir Gorespill upon Kaela. Gorespill, a juggernaught of plate and muscle further bolstered with Nevlim’s magic, broke through the defensive line with ease, taking command of the undead horde and marching through the city gates; butchering the bewildered defenders. Seeing this monstrosity break through his defenses, Baron Raminas ordered Krul’bei to leave his side at the Paeling tower and aid his son in the front lines. Krul’bei did as his lord commanded and searched for Jarvan on the battlefield. Leona Rakkor called upon the aid of Oren to give her strength and destroy the unstoppable Gorespill.

Meeting in single combat, Gorespill and Leona were evenly matched, and the duel lifted the spirits of the weary defenders of Kaela. The confronation seemed to go on forever until suddenly Gorespill’s power began to falter. Leona seized the initiative and smote Gorespill with all her might. As she was about to deliver the killing blow, Leona halted as she stared into the creature’s eyes. So consumed in rage was the creature and by Oren’s word or by any high calling she decided to spare the man. The defender’s cheered at the defeat of this monster and started the advance to drive the attackers back. But this was short lived.

Nevlim unleashes his newest Champion

“My lord, the battle is nearly won. We must reorganize the line for the next wave!” yelled Krul’bei.

“No, the Paeling tower still stands. We must press on the attack!” replied Jarvan. As soon as the words left Jarvan’s mouth the Paeling’s power started to ebb and die. Jarvan knew that the clerics and his father have perished within the tower. Jarvan, consumed with rage attempted to rally his troops “For my father… for my father!”.

Krul’bei spotted an archer on the ramparts take aim for the maddened Jarvan. He quickly used his sword’s power and threw it at the assasin. But not before it had let loose an arrow. “Lord Jarvan!” Krul’bei warned.

The arrow struck Jarvan on the chest, knocking him unconscious. With the magical shield down, Nevlim’s fireballs rained down on the defenders, destroying them instantly. Leona signalled for retreat and defenders fleed from Kaela. Krul’bei took upon Jarvan’s steed and fought his way out of the castle, desperate to protect the fallen Knight.

The undead horde’s march of destruction

Evard’s Gambit

The Stone Fists of Targon and Ira’s Knights of the Mid-Land Sky marched through the Heartlands to answer Diram’s call. By the time the army arrived, they were distraught to find that Diram had been overrun by the undead. Rasler was saddened to find that Baron Gerald had also perished in the defense of the once prosperous city. Rurik urged for a reorganization of their forces since they would only be able to muster enough men to bolster Diram’s defenses, but surely not enough for an invasion. Rasler refused and gestured towards Evard’s tower. Bright flashes of magical light and explosions emanated from the tower.

“Look Rurik!” exclaimed Rasler. “Evard fights on. We must match his zeal.” The dwarf nodded in agreement and motioned for their army to advance for the ravaged city. As they marched on, the tower suddenly erupted in magical force. Nevlim and the great wizard were revealed for all to see, hurling titanic spells at one another; each enough to destroy the other several times over if not for magical protection.

“You defile Diram for an heirloom!? You truly are mad Nevlim!” Evard yells as he shoots a magical beam from his staff.

“You underestimate my power boy.” Nevlim’s haunting speech echoes throughout the streets of the broken city and he says, “Not just Diram, all of Joria.” Nevlim cackles as he deflects another of Evard’s spells.

“Enough of this. You will torment Joria no longer!” Evard yells with conviction as he starts to weave a new spell.

“You arrogant whelp, you intended to imprison us both?” Nevlim began a counterspell in an attempt to stop the wizard but Evard was far too quick. A translucent wooden box etched in powerful runes began to form around the lich and the wizard, solidifying and then imprisoning them both in an alternate dimension.

The battle for Diram raged on with no clear advantage for either side. Without the power of the lich, Mordekaiser and his death knights were evenly matched against Rasler and his Mid-Land Knights. Rurik and his dwarves battled hard against the frost giants, re-igniting old hatreds as steel axes clashed against giant spears and hammers. Amidst the chaos, the wooden prison began to hum and rattle. As its magical runes faded, a gaping hole exploded from the side of the wooden creation. Nevlim had broken free of the magical cage, victorious but not unharmed. The lich looked battle ravaged, missing pieces of his rotten corpse.

“I want the city taken by nightfall Mordekaiser. Do not fail me.” Warned the lich as he disappeared from sight.

Nevlim emerges from the prison alone

The Lich’s return bolstered Mordekaiser and his death knights. This surge of power easily overwhelmed the Orians and Lord Rasler was slain in battle. Rurik knew that they had no chance now that the lich has returned and called for a retreat back into Orian lands.

Three months after the fall of Diram, the United Peoples of Oria have mustered enough troops and resources to undertake a campaign to take back Entreria. The Triumvirate was surprised when they received a message from the dukes of Entreria requesting an audience to discuss a cease-fire between the Grand Duchy of Entreria and the United Peoples of Oria.

The One Year War

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