The God of Death, The Humbling One, Dercorax, Felchan-Seyoor. These are the names of Zoren, once the God of the Dead and tenth member of the Divine Pantheon. Created during the Astral Founding, Zoren was the only truly neutral God of the Divine Pantheon. It was not in his domain to side with Good or Evil, but rather to ensure the safe passage of souls beyond Limbo to their respective masters. In this regard, Zoren was flawless. Any attempt to sway or woo the God of Death failed, and it was not long until the Divine Pantheon grudgingly gave up on potential alliances with the reclusive deity. Unfortunately for Zoren, it would be the actions of his brothers and sisters during the era of Elemental Upheaval that would lead to his downfall.

When the war between the Divine Pantheon and Elemental Pillars began, Zoren abstained from any invitations by his equals and carefully watched with trepidation as the mightiest beings of Joria laid waste to lands freshly wrought from the Astral Plane. Sages suggest Zoren was not an idle or emotionless being, but rather a secluded figure who keenly felt the passing of every soul to inhabit Joria. This empathy extended to the Divine and Elemental creations of his fellow gods. At the height of the millennia long war was when Zoren’s eternal patience faltered. This moment of fallibility represented a schism in the God of Death’s domain; an internal debate over whether or not intervening in this all-encompassing conflict would preserve Joria and save it from destruction. When Zoren finished his meditation, he enacted a plan that would devastate all who bore witness to it.
God of death by zongdatdo811

Sages continue to debate over the details of the God of Death’s true intentions, but it is agreed upon that Zoren misconstrued his own domain’s jurisdiction over Death. As opposed to the position of Arbiter and Reaper of souls, Zoren became the wielder of power never meant to be held by any God. Determined to end the conflict between the Divine Pantheon and Elemental Pillars, Zoren began to siphon the life essence of the vast armies before him. But in doing so, Zoren also knew that his actions took a heavy toll on these minion’s masters: both divine and elemental Gods. This was the true power of Death; to dematerialize and remove from existence all of which Zoren deemed unacceptable in a world he thought his fellow Gods were undeserving to tread upon.

Such power ultimately began to corrupt the God of Death. Zoren’s mind was not capable of managing the immense pressure his new found abilities were exacting upon his divine form, and suddenly the Divine Pantheon and Elemental Pillars began to realize the horrid nature of Zoren’s new power. Gone was the neutral and solitary harvester of souls; replaced with Zoren the Destroyer. In this form Zoren laid waste to the oncoming hordes of divine chosen and elemental creations, then retreating into a newly constructed palace of shadows and negative energy to conceal himself from harm.

It was at the latter half of the Era of Elemental Upheaval when the Divine Pantheon and Elemental Pillars agreed to align against Zoren the Destroyer, and over the course of many centuries battered upon Zoren’s palace. But it was not simply a matter of overwhelming the Destroyer’s fortress, but also the army of Shadows, Shades, Wraiths and other terrible planar creatures Zoren conjured into existence. These hordes of defenders constructed of negative energy proved incredibly dangerous for the minions of the Divine Pantheon and Elemental Pillars and only with great caution and power were they vanquished. It is at the end of the Era of Elemental Upheaval when Zoren the Destroyer was confronted by the full might of Joria’s divinity.

There are obviously no concrete records or scripts from such ancient times, but rather the conceptual understanding of visions, stories and mythology passed on by generations of priests, shamans and other powerful beings. Whether it is Justicarius blessing a favoured chosen with a brief vision of his battle with Zoren, Vache ‘enlightening’ a subservient Necromancer to the sliver of power he acquired upon Zoren’s destruction, or one of the Elemental Pillars flooding a shaman’s dreams with the roiling chaos of the elements, people of all races and lands have attempted to piece together this final act. Only the Gods know what truly happened during that fateful time and it is now during the Time of Awakening that they begin to press upon their worshipers more and more visions of what is to come. These followers of the Gods now spread word that Zoren is beginning to return from his long banishment; patient, subtle and determined to exact vengeance upon a world divided by conflict.


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